Report No. 7/2023

Recommendation of the Supervisory Board on the distribution of profit for 2022

Legal stance: Art. 17 sec. 1 of MAR – confidential information


The Management Board of Creepy Jar S.A., based in Warsaw (hereinafter the “Company”), with reference to current report No. 6/2023, announces that on 19 April 2023 the Supervisory Board of the Company gave a positive opinion on the recommendation of the Management Board of the of the Company on the distribution of net profit for the financial year 2022 in the amount of PLN 36,459,276.61 (in words: thirty-six million four hundred and fifty-nine thousand two hundred and seventy-six zlotys 61/100) as follows:

a) part of the net profit in the amount of PLN 27,974,560 (twenty-seven million, nine hundred and seventy-four thousand, five hundred and sixty zlotys) to be allocated to the payment of dividends to the Company's shareholders;
b) part of the net profit in the amount of PLN 8,484,716.61 (eight million four hundred eighty-four thousand seven hundred and sixteen zlotys 61/100) to be allocated to the Company”s reserve capital with the possibility of payment to shareholders in the future.


The Supervisory Board also approved the recommendation of the Company”s Management Board that the dividend date be set for August 29, 2023, and the dividend payment date be set for September 4, 2023.