About Creepy Jar

Creepy Jar S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw is a producer and publisher of computer games created based on proprietary IP, designated for various hardware platforms. Studio’s ambition is to create games with features of high-budget titles in independent games segment (without financial support of publisher) with high level of advancement, described in industry as Premium Indie.


Business model

Creepy Jar specialises in the production of high quality computer games based on its own IP, which it finances independently without external publisher support. The success of Green Hell, the studio’s first production, gives the Company the opportunity to use the potential of the already established, broad player base to promote the Company’s subsequent titles.


The Company assumes cyclical production of new Premium Indie games, which will ensure operational continuity and a stable level of income, enabling the realisation of subsequent original projects. The Company’s business model assumes working on one leading project, while providing long-term support for previously released titles through updates containing free additions expanding their content. The support of the Company’s products is realised in cooperation with the community of players. Thanks to this, it can respond in an optimum manner to the needs and expectations of the players with regard to the development of a given production, and thus increase its sales potential. The above activities are aimed at ensuring a long-term life cycle of the Issuer’s games, which allows for generating revenues from product sales in the long term with relatively low involvement of Creepy Jar team in supporting the production. Currently, the leading title on which most of the team is working is StarRupture. Green Hell, which premiered in early access format in September 2018, is supported and developed by a smaller, dedicated team.


The Issuer’s business model is to have the studio’s products present on all key hardware platforms in order to maximise their sales potential. Currently, the Company’s only completed product is available on the most important (primarily in terms of number of users) platforms – PC and on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch consoles (Forever Entertainment S.A. is responsible for porting and distribution) and e.g. Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR2 and Steam (Incuvo S.A. is responsible for porting and distribution). At present the Company is working on the release of Green Hell in a version dedicated to current generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S), but due to backward compatibility, owners of these consoles can play Green Hell in versions for previous generations (on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

Key products


The Issuer’s first production, Green Hell, is a realistic survival simulator set in the open world of the Amazon rainforest. Players take on the role of an anthropologist, Jake Higgins, who finds himself in a faithfully reproduced Amazon jungle full of deadly threats. He must quickly learn many survival techniques (lighting fires, building shelter, making tools, hunting, dressing wounds) that will allow him to survive in a hostile environment. At the same time, he cannot ignore his own physical and mental condition, which if ignored can pose a mortal threat to him. Green Hell is the first survival game set in the Amazon jungle and stands out from the competition with its diverse gameplay mechanics and compelling storyline. Green Hell was an international success and received high praise from players and reviewers (87% positive reviews on Steam). In October 2023, total gross sales of the game on PC/Steam, PlayStation and Xbox platforms exceeded 5 million copies.


The PC version of Green Hell was released on 29 August 2018 on the Steam distribution platform in Early Access mode. The full version of the game (Full Release) was made available on 5 September 2019. Green Hell allows the game to be played in single player mode and from 7 April 2020 in co-op mode for up to 4 players The game is currently available on PC/Steam, in version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles and Green Heel VR on virtual reality platforms (including Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift, Steam, PlayStation, VR2). Since its early access release, the title has been regularly supported with updates containing improvements, new content and new story threads that clearly expand the game’s content and provide players with more hours of entertainment. To date, Green Hell has received more than 80 updates, including 19 major expansion packs such as co-op mode and story mode.


In late 2019 the Company has started working on a new project called StarRupture. It will be an advanced base-building simulator with survivalist elements, from a first-person perspective, set in a science-fiction setting. The game, unlike Green Hell, will be aimed at more casual players.


The studio’s new production consists of several basic mechanics: base building, exploration, advanced combat system and resource management on an alien planet plagued by disasters caused by the title star – Rupture. Players take on the role of one of four characters in singleplayer or in co-op mode with up to four players. Their task is to explore, adapt, mine and gather natural resources and expand the base – all that to survive and be able to develop new technologies. StarRupture is being produced on Unreal Engine 5, one of the most advanced commercial game engines on the market.


The Issuer, as in the case of the first title, decided to release StarRupture in Early Access with the reservation that the game will have much more extensive content than Green Hell at the time of early access. Considering the success of the co-op mode in Green Hell, StarRupture at the time of release will allow users to play in co-op mode for up to 4 players. The Issuer assumes that ultimately StarRupture, due to its genre, will offer players an unlimited number of hours of gameplay. Compared to competitive titles the game will be distinguished by high dynamics of changes in the environment, attractive storylines and more survival elements, especially combat.


At present, the Issuer assumes that the StarRupture’s production budget will be approx. PLN 17 million. The increase compared to the previously assumed budget is due to high inflation, the extension of the title’s production time and an increase in the number of team members.


The premiere date of the production has not yet been set.


Katarzyna Konieckiewicz
IR Manager
tel. +48 530 502 264