We are the proud sponsor of Capybara Tenebris!

The 10th of July is #CapybaraAppreciationDay. Since capybaras are one of our favorite animals, we have decided to adopt one. Obviously, since our specialty is creating capybaras in video games, and not taking care of real ones, we have decided to become the proud sponsor of one such animal, leaving the actual job of caring for it to the specialists at the Orientarium ZOO in Łódź, Poland!


Tenebris is a Latin word which means ‘darkness’ – and after long hours of playing Green Hell and living the story of Jake Higgins, darkness is something we all are familiar with. Please do not be deceived by her name – Tenebris is impossible not to love. And she is the only capybara in the whole Orientarium ZOO!


Tenebris loves snacks, but only healthy ones. She eats greens and veggies for all her meals. She is a herbivore! In summer her favorite food is sorage (alfalfa-free!), and she enjoys it with her favorite tapir friends – Oliwia, Grażyna and Kia. If you are planning to come to Poland, don’t forget to visit the Orientarium ZOO in Łódź which is really devoted to caring for animals from all around the world.


Happy #CapybaraAppreciationDay!