Creepy Jar is a game developer specializing in the survival simulation/base building genre. The success achieved by Green Hell makes the company one of the key developers of titles in this genre in the world. Creepy Jar is distinguished by productions that combine the accessibility of AAA games with gameplay valued by demanding players who desire challenges known from the most popular survival simulators. The company dedicates its original productions to PCs and consoles. The core of the team are experienced game developers who have been working in the industry for several years. Members of the board co-created the Warsaw branch of Techland, managing it comprehensively for 8 years at the level of organizational structure and in production areas. As a result, they have highly developed competencies in programming, graphics, level design, and HR and budget management. This experience, gained on titles such as Dead Island, made Green Hell one of the most important representatives of the survival simulation genre, and the game was purchased in more than one and a half million copies in a year and a half since its debut on Steam.

Creepy Jar team consists of more than 30 people, whose competences cover all areas necessary for game production. Additionally, the studio is supported by external specialists working on music, storyline and outsourcing selected graphic elements.