Creepy Jar Gives Players An Inside Look Into StarRupture’s Base Building

The second in Creepy Jar’s series of StarRupture DevLogs focuses on the many aspects of base building within the game’s dynamic world

Warsaw, Poland – Mar. 28th, 2024 — Creepy Jar, the Polish studio best known for its wildly successful survival simulator, Green Hell, is hard at work on its next title, StarRupture. Being built in Unreal Engine 5, StarRupture is an ambitious cross between base building, exploration, combat, and resource management on an alien planet torn by a catastrophic cycle of destruction caused by its life-giving star. While StarRupture is currently deep in development, the team at Creepy Jar knows that fans are eager to learn more about what the game will be bringing to the table when it launches into Early Access. How did Creepy Jar put all the knowledge gained from the development, launch, and continued support of Green Hell to good use in an all-new world and adventure? In the second of an ongoing series of DevLogs— watch DevLog one here —Creepy Jar’s Product Marketing Manager, Adam Magdziak, Concept Designer Kacper, Senior 3D Hard-Surface Artist Bozhena, and Lead Programmer Julek, give you a peek behind the curtain at how the development team envisioned and designed the base building mechanic, its machinery and logic, and put them into StarRupture’s unforgiving world.

As the developers work towards StarRupture’s Early Access PC launch, Creepy Jar will release further devlogs in the coming months for exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the development process. Everything from production milestones to sneak peeks at some of the game’s many mechanics, enemies, and environments, alongside its exploration, combat, and lore is on the table. Known for their eagerness to be transparent with their community, Creepy Jar is excited to continue sharing updates with fans of StarRupture as much as they focused on doing so with Green Hell.

StarRupture sets itself in the story of man versus nature taking place in an otherworldly and breathtaking sci-fi environment where elemental cataclysms of extreme temperatures loom as a constant danger. The player takes up the mantle of a convict exiled from the Earth to serve their sentence by mining and expanding industrial production alongside researching new technology on a seemingly hospitable new planet rife with mystery and danger. Tasked with surviving the deadly waves of elements—not to mention facing down against hostile enemy monsters in tense combat—each cycle spells destruction yet ushers in a new era of growth and rebuilding. Played from a first-person perspective—adventuring solo or as part of an up-to-4-player group in co-op mode—players will be able to explore, adapt, mine, gather resources, and build complex machinery to survive and prosper. Though by definition it is a base-building simulator, StarRupture is much more. The game will invite players to push beyond, to stay resilient and sharp against every assault, building and forming prior to the cycling eviscerating conditions on an otherwise beautiful planet. For fans of builders, management, sci-fi action, and combat StarRupture will challenge all comers to utilize the technology at their fingertips and weather both the extremities and fierce enemies in order to survive and create a prosperous industrial complex.