Green Hell’s 20th Free Update - Anteater - Oh My, What a Long Nose You Have!

Creepy Jar isn’t just stopping at anteaters! Armadillos, parrots, and more are part of this creature-filled free update as Green Hell continues to expand!

Warsaw, Poland – Apr. 17 th , 2024 — When Green Hell launched into Early Access in 2018, Creepy Jar had high hopes for their passion-fueled new title. The continued longevity Green Hell has seen since then could not have been predicted and thanks to a hugely dedicated community, the game has cemented its place in the survival landscape and continues to receive regular updates improving the gameplay while introducing additional content and mechanics along the way.


Today, Creepy Jar is excited to release yet another free update—Anteater—for the PC version of Green Hell which marks the 20th free update since launch! Building off the wild success and appreciative reception of the Animal Husbandry Update, Creepy Jar is introducing anteater, armadillo, and parrot keeping in this latest addition to the game… and even composting! Every good settlement needs an effective way to deal with unseemly waste! Learn more in the reveal trailer:

New Animal – Giant Anteater — The main character of today’s update – the giant anteater! Some call them amusing, some think they’re cute, but they can be very aggressive – so you need to watch out!

● New Gameplay Mechanic – Spawning Anthills — While anthills themselves aren’t a new addition to Green Hell as players know it—accidentally stumbling into them and having pesky ants crawling all over you, or collecting ants to mend your wounds—now, anthills also serve as your guidepost to the place anteaters hang out most.
● New Animals in Animal Pen— Players can now breed Armadillos, Three-banded Armadillos, and—of course—Giant Anteaters!
● New Gameplay Mechanic – Composter/Compost — Thanks to this simple construction, players can now dispose of such things as rotten meat, spoiled food, leaves, animal droppings, and more! In turn, players will create compost as well as facilitate insect production to feed your pack of Armadillos and Anteaters.
● New Construction – Feeding Trough (Insects) — As players now have a few new pals to care for in their animal pen, they’ll need a way to feed them. Using this new construction, players can easily feed their anteaters and armadillos with insects. Bon appétit!
● New Gameplay Mechanic/Construction – Parrot Keeping/Parrot Nest — Now you can lure parrots into your base – or any other place where you build a Parrot Nest – where parrots can fly into and become accustomed to your presence.

Stay tuned for more updates to come! Players can look forward to the next update in the ever- expanding Green Hell experience soon where Creepy Jar will give players new options to make their Amazonian homes extra cozy!