Green Hell’s 19th Update - Flamekeeper - Adds Horde Mode and More to the Beloved Survival Game

Players are invited to take on the Ritual of Flame in the latest free update to the massively successful survival game, Green Hell

Warsaw, Poland – Jan. 23 rd , 2023 — Like a moth drawn to fire, so are the hordes of Green Hell’s dangerous enemies drawn to the Eternal Flame in the game’s 19th free update, Flamekeeper. Now available for the PC version of Green Hell, the Flamekeeper update comes hot on the heels of the Fortifications Update—which added protective fences, palisades, and gates for players to bolster their bases with—and adds a hectic combat update alongside improved enemy AI, new enemy attacks, entirely new game mechanics, and a coveted new reward weapon.

See below for a list of all the new improvements made as part of the update:

● New Construction – Eternal Flame — The main hero of our update – the Eternal Flame Totem! With this new construction able to be created in Waraha Villages, players will be able to launch the Ritual of Flame.

● New Gameplay Mechanic – The Ritual of Flame — Improve your Totem by gathering the necessary materials and then launch the Ritual of Flame. Survive the enemy horde and its attack, stop them from extinguishing the Eternal Flame, and receive an award. Think fast or create your strategy – get the help of your friends, and create advanced fortifications, which were added in the previous update.

● New Enemy Attack – Wasp Nest — The Fortifications Update saw enemy AI improvements and now, Creepy Jar is boosting enemy abilities even further with a new skill. When enemies aren’t able to reach you, they will unleash a new Wasp Nest attack! By throwing the nest, enemies can lure players out of their bases. Hiding in a tree or the upper floor of your base won’t be so easy now, huh?

● New Weapon – War Club — Survive all 50 stages of the Flamekeeper Challenge and receive a unique award, the War Club; the most powerful weapon in the game so far!

In addition to launching the Flamekeeper update today, Creepy Jar is excited to reveal that work on a current-gen console version of Green Hell is in full swing! Green Hell will be making its way to both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 and will include all 19 updates released so far—including today’s Flamekeeper update—and all owners of the last-gen versions of the game will receive a free upgrade when it launches later this year.


While the Creepy Jar team is excited to bring the Green Hell experience to current-generation consoles, it does come with some limitations as development on the last-gen versions will end so the team can focus on making the upgrade as optimized as possible. With the upgrade, there are a couple of compatibility issues of note:

● Save states from PlayStation 4 won’t be compatible with the PlayStation 5 version of the game. Players from PlayStation 4 won’t be able to play multiplayer mode with players playing the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

● Save states from Xbox One won’t be compatible with the Xbox Series X|S version of the game. Players from Xbox One won’t be able to play multiplayer mode with Xbox Series X|S players.

Stay tuned for more information on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of Green Hell in the coming months.