Creepy Jar's highest-ever financial results and recommendation of record-breaking dividend for 2022

Although it’s been more than four years since Green Hell was released in Early Access on Steam, Creepy Jar S.A. has been making more and more revenue from the title's sales with each passing year. Green Hell’s strong sales across all hardware platforms, particularly on the PC/Steam platform, allowed the Company to generate a record PLN 54.9 million in revenue in 2022 (up 19% y/y) and PLN 36.5 million in net profit in 2022 (up 25% y/y). The Company’s Management Board also recommended a dividend payment of nearly PLN 28 million.

In 2022, the Company achieved strong sales of Green Hell on all key hardware platforms, particularly PC/Steam revenue growth. This is the result of the game's regular support, an effective discounting policy and the impact
of the strong dollar. In addition, the 2022 results were positively influenced by the premiere of Green Hell VR in versions for virtual reality platforms, the production of which is the responsibility of Incuvo SA Green Hell’s gross sales in 2022 for PC/Steam, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store platforms (versions of the game for which the Company holds publishing rights) amounted to 1.28 million copies, of which 327,000 were on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

In 2022, the Company generated an operating profit of PLN 36.1 million (up 19% y/y) and a net profit of PLN 36.5 million (up 25% y/y). In view of the very good financial situation and the record results generated by Creepy Jar last year, the company's Management Board also recommended the payment of a dividend for 2022 in the amount of nearly PLN 28 million.

The high balance of short-term financial assets (PLN 86.0 million at the end of 2022) and the absence of significant liabilities guarantee the Company full comfort in carrying out its production plans. Last year, the Company continued work on its second original project called Chimera. Key marketing materials(reveal teaser and key art) have been completed and are scheduled to be revealed in Q2 2023. Players have received the highest number of free content expansion packs for Green Hell so far in 2022, both on PC/Steam and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In the PC/Steam version, the Company primarily released Spirits of Amazonia 3, Animal Husbandry and Building Update. On the other hand, all parts of the Spirits of Amazonia trilogy have been made available for PlayStatation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Creepy Jar will continue to support and develop its flagship production. According to the project’;s new roadmap, PC/Steam players can expect up to three free content expansion packs for Green Hell (Storage & Transportation, Combat Update and New Animals). For console players (PlayStation and Xbox), the already available expansion packs on Steam are scheduled for release: Animal Husbandry and Building Update. The first of these will be premiered as early as April 24, 2023.