Creepy Jar publishes its preliminary results for the third quarter of 2023

In the third quarter of 2023, Creepy Jar S.A. generated PLN 9.1 million in sales revenues (a decrease by 39% y/y) and PLN 6.3 million in net profit (a decrease by 41% y/y) – according to preliminary data. However, the Company improved its financial results compared to the second quarter of this year.


Gross sales of Green Hell in the third quarter of 2023 on PC/Steam, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store platforms (versions of the game to which the Company holds publishing rights) amounted to more than 260 thousand copies, with 46 thousand copies on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Based on preliminary data, the estimated gross sales of Green Hell on the a/m platforms since the beginning of 2023 amounted to 945 thousand copies, with 208 thousand copies for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


In the third quarter of 2023, Creepy Jar S.A. generated an operating profit of PLN 5.5 million (a decrease by 46% y/y) and a net profit of PLN 6.3 million (a decrease by 41% y/y). Despite the decreasing sales of Green Hell y/y, the results achieved by the company in the third quarter of 2023 were positively influenced by the premiere of Storage and Transportation expansion pack on PC/Steam and the release of Green Hell VR on Sony PlayStation VR2 by Incuvo S.A. As a result, the company improved its results compared to the second quarter of this year,
achieving sales revenues higher by 15% q/q and an increase in net profit of 80% q/q.


Creepy Jar continues to support and develop Green Hell, its flagship production, the gross sales of which have already exceeded 5 million copies. In August 2023, the Building Update expansion pack for PC/Steam was released. Console players (PlayStation and Xbox) received the Animal Husbandry in April 2023, and also the Building Update in early November.


The studio also continues to work on its second, original production – StarRupture. The new title includes several basic mechanics: base building, exploration, combat system and resource management on an alien planet plagued by disasters caused by the title star. The game will be available in single player or co-op mode for up to four players.


The final financial data for the third quarter of 2023, together with comparable data, will be provided by the Company in an interim report, which will be published on 24 November 2023.