Creepy Jar - Green Hell sales exceed 3.5 million copies

Green Hell, the advanced survival simulator from Creepy Jar S.A. studio, has reached another sales milestone at key platforms: PC/Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. The Company is working on further expansion packs to the game, which it plans to release in 2022, according to the project roadmap.  

Green Hell’s cumulative gross sales on PC/Steam, PlayStation and Xbox platforms (versions of the game for which Creepy Jar has publishing rights) exceeded 3.5 million copies. At the same time, the list of players still waiting to purchase the title on Steam (wishlist) as of 8 July 2022 included 1.19 million people.

In March 2022, the Company released Spirits of Amazonia 3 for PC, the latest and largest in terms of new content expansion pack to Green Hell. On the other hand, the highly anticipated Spirits of Amazonia 1&2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms also premiered in late May for console gamers. The sales success of Green Hell and the good response to the update means that the title will be further supported and developed by the studio.

– We are slowly finalizing work on Animal Husbandry, the next major PC expansion pack scheduled in Green Hell’s roadmap for 2022. Meanwhile, we are also working on porting Spirits of Amazonia 3 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles – says Krzysztof Kwiatek, CEO of Creepy Jar S.A..

The Company is also working hard on production activities related to its second in-house project called Chimera. Current milestones include key game mechanics and elements.