Record-breaking year of Creepy Jar with PLN 29.0 million net profit

Creepy Jar ended 2021 with the best sales revenue and profit, according to preliminary financial data released by the Company. Thanks to high sales of Green Hell on all key hardware platforms, revenues exceeded PLN 46.0 million and net profit amounted to PLN 29.0 million. The Company’s management also announced its intention to pay a dividend for 2021.

Revenues from Creepy Jar sales in 2021 increased by PLN 8.3 million to PLN 46.0 million (increase by 22.1% y/y). In 2021, the Company generated PLN 30.1  million in operating profit (an increase of 18.2% y/y), and net profit increased by PLN 6.6 million to PLN 29.0 million (an increase of 29.6% y/y). During the year, the cash balance increased more than twice to PLN 59.7 million at the end of 2021.

Creepy Jar’s record high financial performance in 2021 is the result of very strong sales of Green Hell across all key hardware platforms. The title continues to generate interest and attract new players, as evidenced by the game surpassing 3 million copies sold in January 2022, just 4 months after reaching the 2.5 million copy threshold. During the analyzed period the total gross sales of Green Hell on the STEAM, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox platforms (versions of the game to which the Issuer holds publishing rights) amounted to 1.26 million copies, including 0,36 million copies on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

2021 was a very successful year for us, both in terms of the financial results achieved and the development of the Green Hell game itself. In June, the title debuted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, which significantly boosted sales revenue. Moreover, two out of three parts of free expansion packs from Spirits of Amazonia series had their premiere on PC. Thanks to new content, they significantly enriched gameplay and strengthened position of Green Hell as a longseller – says Krzysztof Kwiatek, CEO of Creepy Jar S.A. – We are very satisfied with the financial results achieved by the Company, therefore as the Management Board we also express our intention to share the profit with the shareholders  and pay out the dividend for 2021 at the level of approx. 50% of net profit – adds Krzysztof Kwiatek.

Creepy Jar has provided ongoing support for the title and its development since the day of Green Hell’s release through updates containing free expansion packs to expand the game’s content. In December, the Company released a roadmap for 2022, according to which the game will face more major updates. The most important of these will be the third and final part of the Spirits of Amazonia series on PC, as well as two major updates – Building Update and Animal Husbandry – which will bring the ability to raise animals to the game and new options for setting up a base in the Amazon jungle. Console gamers, on the other hand, can expect the Spirits of Amazonia series on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.